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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pimp My Ride

I saw this in anybody familiar with 'Pimp My Ride'?

Monday, 10 January 2011

A World Away From Sailing

Happy New Year to one and all who are reading this.  Emily and I had a fantastic time in Paris for New Year’s Eve and the days around it.  It was very expensive though – I had forgotten how lucky we are in England to be able to eat out well for relatively cheap prices.  Not to mention that most of the Museums are free in London.  Still, it was fantastic.  I’ll probably post some photos of Paris in the up and coming weeks. 


We are now back at Warsash after a very late arrival on Tuesday night.  Chris B (who I shared a room with last year) and I have landed on our feet and are renting two rooms from a guy named Steven who lives in Locksheath.  It’s a fantastic house and he seems like a great guy, so we feel lucky right now. 


It’s strange to think that we were paying more to share a room in the academy accomodation, with a bunk bed!  So, we’re in the lap of luxury in comparison.   



It now seems like a lifetime ago that we were on ship – it almost like when you wake up and faintly remember a dream.  I’ve still got overhanging work from the sea phase that I will be tackling over the coming weeks, as I don’t want anything impeding my progress this phase. 


Finally, we had the last of our exam results – I got an average of 82.6% for the whole year which I was pleased with.  The comments were good, although generic to some other people’s too!  Carisbrooke were happy with my efforts.


I still haven’t had the chance to go through the 1700 photos I took on ship and put up my favourite ones here, but I hopefully will do soon. 


We’ve now started the following modules: Marine Propulsion (Steam and Motor, despite not everyone working on steam vessels), Ship construction and Stability, Marine Electrics, and we’re soon starting Marine Auxiliary Machinery.  Further Maths, Further Thermodynamics, and Further Mechanics will all come after Easter.