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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Long Time, No Sea

It seems so long ago since I went to sea.  In fact, it now seems like a dream I just woke up from;  distant, and I can barely remember the details. 

Having said that, there are moments when my mind shifts to my time on board - these moments are normally when I am suddenly needing experience information to backup what is being covered in a lecture. 

It's been busy times lately, as we've had multiple assignments and exams to contend with, simultaneously.  However, last Friday, with an assignment due in and another exam, things were beginning to calm down for a while.  It's a month now until we have the next set (five exams), and we only have one assignment to work on.   So, we now have the luxury of being able to read through subject matter prior to, or after, our lectures.  This is immensely helpful, as of late the subject matter in our Marine Electronics has just been flying over our heads - and with no time before to look at it, it was disaster.
I guess I should probably go some length to explaining what we are actually studying at the moment.  

  • Marine Electrics - Generator excitation, harmonics, motors and starting, propulsion systems, batteries and emergency power sources
  • Marine Auxiliary Systems - Open and closed loop hydraulic systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, Pumps and pumping theory
  • Ship Construction - Different types of ship and their construction
  • Motor Propulsion - Two stroke and four stroke diesel construction, operation etc
  • Steam Propulsion - Boilers, turbines, condensors, etc etc

All in all, some pretty interesting subject matter.  And more relevant to our jobs than the thermo, maths, mechanics etc (not that I don't find them interesting of course!).
Once I have finished this six month stint at the academy, I'll have got so used to it again that the thought of going to sea will be a scary prospect.  And then, the thought of going back to the academy will be the same!  Anyway, I'll think about that at the time.  For now, electronics is calling...