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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How Manly Are You?

I saw this online and wonder how many people have done all the things this article lists (link below).  It’s a list of ‘Dad’ skills every man should have. 


I felt relieved that I can do them all – thanks especially to Dad who taught me how to hang wall paper and most of the others.  And thanks to the Haynes manual of course.


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Friday, 3 December 2010

Days Gone By

Eighty seven days at sea have been completed and signed off - I arrived home yesterday despite the snowy conditions for England.  Luckily for me Heathrow was still open. 

I left the ship, along with the Chief Officer and Second Engineer, at 4pm on Wednesday 1st December and the taxi took us to the Hotel Ciudad Gijon where we stayed for the night.  We then got up at 0445 and the taxi left for the airport at 0530.  We flew from Oviedo to Madrid, where we parted company.  I then flew back into Heathrow and took the train out to Essex.  It was bit of an effort to drag all my stuff through the snow to get home once I arrived in Colchester, but amazing to be reunited with Emily - who was not expecting me until Sunday!  

I've put some photos of the hotel below - it was a shame we only stayed for a few hours as was a great hotel.

Coffee Bar - Full restaurant further through 

Looking down into the main hall from 4th floor where our rooms were.

Soon, I will post a collection of my favourite photos and/or moments from the tour, but for now I'm going to rest a bit and sort out things in the house that need doing.