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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Final Hurdle

Well, it's been a while since I last posted properly.

It's good news - I am now a Marine Engineering Officer of the Watch.  I went to the MCA's offices in Southampton on 9th July and had a rather gruelling hour of examination - which seemed to be riddled with material normally reserved for Class 2 Engineers, not Class 3 (can't go back for a Class 2 exam until at least 18months more sea time + another exam).  An hour normally means things are going badly - however although it felt like that because of the questions posed, I was told no problems at all at the end and he was happy to sign me off with my certificate of competency.  The other two of my friends that went in that day both passed, and they had a similar experience to me in terms of length and the types of questions.  Apparently we were just unlucky to get that type of oral.  But, it doesn't matter as we all passed anyway.

It took a while to hit home, mostly due to how hard the exam felt.  However, the good thing is that you find out at the end of the exam whether you passed or not - there's no waiting.

It was also more good news yesterday, as Chris B and Chris T both passed their orals too.

The next step is the ETO (electro technical officer) top up in September, which will give me more electronics, radar and GMDSS fault finding skills.

It's now fully hit home and since the exam I have changed tasks, to sort with Emily the many small jobs that need completing before the wedding.  However, this morning my licence arrived by courier at 8:15am.  

It's like the new passports - has similar parts inside, except says I hold the relevant ticket etc.  I haven't shown the inside details on here for security reasons!

Also, a certificate came along with it.


  1. Very well done Tom, a just result for all your hard work. Congratulations. It's a rather nice certificate too!
    Jane x

  2. Like Jane. Well done Tom my brother has recently qualified so I know how much hard work is envolved. Steve -

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  4. Congrats. You are doing great in your field and I think marine engineering is really fit on you!